"With time you grow up and begin to understand that each choice made by you forms you as an individual and helps you develop your own worldview.

At some point I became one with my camera, and my camera became a part of me. Photo conveys not only my ideas and thoughts but my entire inner self at the moment of making a photo. I understood that I influence reality in some way, and my camera helps me to make a bridge between two worlds."

Lali Binyatova was born in Bratsk, Russia, on April 22, 1999.

When she was 16 Lali moved to Baku, Azerbaijan with some of family members. Her father gave her a camera as a birthday gift since he observed Lali’s passion for mobile photography when she graduated from school. After that gift her career started as a photographer, and now she is a photographer who frequently uses personal stories, everyday observations, and social research in her projects to analyze the human being as the center of her works.

She completed cinematography, directing, and screenwriting courses at the "Interact Film Lab" project of the "Azerbaijanfilm" Film Studio organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Lali participated in several local and global exhibitions.
In 2022 participated in a photography residence "Black Sea," supported by the City Hall of Poti between July 9 - 16. The mentor of the festival was a well-known Georgian photographer Guram Tsibakhashvili.
Binyatova's photographs are in galleries and private collections in countries like France, Germany, Russia, and Georgia.

Lali Binyatova is a member of the "F37" Independent Union of Photographers - a platform that represents, supports, and exhibits photographers on the local scene and aims for international practice.

At the moment, the exhibition "Safe Zone" is being held in "ARTIM Project Space" (Azerbaijan, Baku), where Lali represents her works dedicated to her childhood years spent in the city of Bratsk (Russia). The exhibition will run until February 5, 2023.
"When you take a photo, you choose because there countless shots that surround us. The very moment that I decided to turn it into a picture presents a mystery even to me until I see the shot. When I see it I understand what I do and what for."
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